Look for this sign at 35 Pleasant Avenue in Sangerville, Maine

So it turns out, teaching people to roll jibbahs is almost as fun as actually smoking them! That’s what I found out at the grand opening of the Hippy Chick Pineapple Boutique.

Denny and I manned the smoking tent at the event – tough assignment for us lol – and offered rolling classes whilel there. I’ve taught friends/family to roll before, and in my professional past, I’ve taught English. I had so much fun merging the two at the grand opening, I think I have a new calling!

These ladies were F-U-N fun! Barbara True (standing) and Kelly Mahar (seated). Big thanks to all the Jibbah Jabbah friends in the smoking tent!

Rolling classes weren’t the highlight of the smoking tent. Janet McAllister commissioned a pineapple-shaped ice bong from Subzero Ice Carvings (subzeroicecarvings.com). It was stunning and mad popular and Denny and I didn’t mind parking ourselves a few feet away from it or its creator Jay for the day.

If you’ve never seen/used one before, the center of the carving has a chamber for the smoke, the extension to insert the smoking piece is carved into the middle in the front, and a tube is attached to the side for inhaling. The bong can take joints or bowls, and the hits feel so cool going into your lungs. I’m not a fan of bongs, but I could use this bong all day and did!

Janet Mcallister, co-owner of the boutique, giving the freshly carved bong a test run.

I first met Janet several years ago when she was just starting this journey as a kitchen table enterprise. It has truly been an honor to watch her take herself from homeless, widowed mom to where she is now. The Hippy Chick Pineapple Boutique is a perfect extension of what Janet’s already achieved with HippyChickllc.com.

The store is gorgeous, is open to the general public, and will be open seven days a week. Janet’s knowledge and product line extends beyond CBD into other aspects of natural and nutritional healing. Her products, both in-house and those from other vendors, reflect that knowledge, and she incorporates her knowledge into what she and her team creates, like their line of savory edibles.

It was also nice to see the local business community supporting the new Hippy Chick store. The ribbon cutting was hosted by a representative from the Piscataquis Chamber of Commerce, and the crowd on the lawn was rowdy when the scissors snipped.

The event was just what Denny and I needed. Truth be told, navigating the medical marijuana community can be difficult and challenging in ways at this time. Spending time with peers around the rolling table was therapeutic and reinvigorating. Spending time with Janet was, too. Her energy, her passion, her vision are still the same, and that level of consistency in such inconsistent times is refreshing.

Thanks everyone for a great day!!

Disclosure:  Hippy Chick is a sponsor of this site.