Denny and I have long loved fall in Maine, or what we call “the stoner Christmas season.” Even back before legal medical or recreational marijuana, fall meant you couldn’t drive very far down a Maine road without smelling that distinctive skunk smell. One whiff and you knew harvest was around the corner and local homegrown would be plentiful.

We have a friend from NJ who has no idea how awesome fall can be when it comes to our beloved plant, so she came up for a visit. Beckie is a medical marijuana patient in her home state but loves how much more freedom we have as patients up here. NJ patients can’t grow at home and can only buy from dispensaries. How awful!!

So Beckie’s here to celebrate the season with us. We knew she wanted to spend time with Denny in the garden, but we were so excited to be able to offer her an opportunity to pick her own hemp. Unbeknownst to us in a timely fashion, we learned that the Sheepscot General Store and Farm in Whitefield, Maine had grown a pick-your-own medicinal hemp field. The field is the first of its kind in Maine, and possibly only the second in the nation.

Beckie going into the Sheepscot General Store.

Denny and I had both been to the store before, but we didn’t know that they had added this new project. The store itself is already a wonderful business that includes general store goods, featuring Maine products, along with a food service area and touches to tradition, like penny candy and bulk spices.

Beckie was due to arrive the last day that pick-your-own was supposed to be available, so we thought she’d miss it. Fortunately, an extra day was added, and a field trip with Beckie was born!

Patients can make their own CBD-based medicines from the four strains grown:  Sour Space Candy, Suver Haze, Hawaiian Haze, and Lifter. Information about total cannabinoid contents of each strain was available to pickers. Beckie’s medical marijuana regimen includes CBD, and she was beside herself at the idea of picking her own medicine.

Denny learns about the different strains of hemp available.

Field of Sour Space Candy – the strain we chose.

Denny shows Beckie what to look for when choosing her branches.

Beckie and Denny go through the field carefully before selecting.

This experience was incredible. Bringing affordable CBD to patients is such a gift to community. Pickers paid $35 a pound for branches and $25 a pound for whole plant. We opted for a couple branches each of Sour Space Candy and a couple branches weighed roughly ¾ lb.  We’ll keep you posted as to the weight after drying, but it’s looking like a major bargain.

The Sour Space Candy hemp we picked.

I really hope this project at Sheepscot General Store is the way of the future. Like maybe someday, pick-your-own medicinal hemp and medicinal cannabis can be as normal as pick-your-own apples – goodness knows they should be. Like picking apples, such endeavors are an affordable way for the average person to access the best Mother Nature has to offer.

Even though I also hope that more and more people become empowered to and have the legal right to grow their own, not everyone will or can. Pick-your-own medicinal plants is a great way to bring the joy and affordability of growing to everyone.

Thanks so much to the team at Sheepscot General Store and Farm, and we do so hope we’ll get to promote this project again next year.