Last winter, Denny read an article about which way of storing cannabis long term was best. He’d been hoping to make the harvest last as close to a year as possible, and he was worried that regular storage in glass jars in a cool, dark place wouldn’t keep the flowers fresh enough during the second half of the year.

The article, which of course we couldn’t find for the purposes of this post, said freezing the flowers in glass after curing and keeping them in a dark freezer kept the medicine the strongest the longest of the methods tried during an experiment. Denny decided to give freezer storage a try and has been storing roughly a third of the harvest in glass in a small freezer since last fall.

We’re talking a tiny 1.7 cu. ft. job – just big enough for the bags of trim and the experimental jars of flower. The initial plan was to keep the freezer stash in the freezer until the regularly stored stuff ran out. However, curiosity killed the cat when we ran out of Critical 2.0, and Denny couldn’t stop himself from breaking into what was in the freezer.

Now, Denny’s ready to declare freezer storage the bomb-diggety of the bomb-diggety, and I can’t say I disagree. In less than an hour after coming out of the freezer, the Critical 2.0 was looking and smelling like it had just been harvested and cured!

The same goes for the Old Man’s Socks. We had run out of that strain in the regular storage, too, we couldn’t help but break into those flowers after the Critical 2.0 experience. We both think that somehow the Socks came out a bit better, even, which is saying something since it was our favorite sativa strain this year.

The Old Man’s Socks came out of the freezer stickier than ever!

He’s been so blown away by the results, Denny says the whole harvest is going in the freezer next year.

When Denny was trying to find the article that started him on this freezing thing, he quickly learned that taking a stance on freezer storage is quite controversial among growers. There’s the “it’s the best” crowd and the “it ruined my weed” crowd. Google any phrase with “storing cannabis in the freezer” in it, and you’ll be instantly immersed in the controversy.

Jars get moist once taken from the freezer, so the thawed flowers must be transferred to a dry jar.

The primary concern about freezing marijuana is the fact that trichomes become brittle and fragile when frozen; therefore, some writers theorize that frozen cannabis will lose trichomes. Denny prefers to make cannabis oil with freshly frozen trim for that very reason:  the trichomes needed for the oil are easier to get off the plant matter when the plant matter is still frozen.

Knowing that, though, Denny took precautions for long term flower storage. For example, he made sure the freezer was for cannabis alone; therefore, the jars wouldn’t be repeatedly rattled or exposed to light with the door opening and closing frequently. Also, Denny waits for the flowers to thaw a little before transferring them from their freezer jar to the dry jar he will continue to store them in, which he thinks made a difference in getting a positive outcome.

As you can see from the Critical 2.0 freezer jar, Denny didn’t lose any more trichomes than he would with normal storage, maybe less.

Denny did find one article that not only supported the idea of freezer storage, but it also listed a couple other pointers for freezing. First, flowers need to be harvested, dried and fully cured before freezing, which Denny did. Second, the containers used need to be freezer-safe and airtight; Denny went with glass, based on that article he had initially read, and the article suggests avoiding plastic bags.

Last, it’s important to remember to dry and cure the flowers fully before freezing them to make sure they are dry. To keep them dry after freezing, carefully transfer the flowers from their freezer container to a dry one after the flowers have thawed for several minutes.

As you can see from the Old Man’s Socks bud in the front, the trichomes are thick on the surface and all the way into the heart of the flower after freezing and thawing.

Denny still has flower in the freezer, and he’ll update you as he breaks into it over the next few months. So far, though, it’s two thumbs-up for freezer storage!!