Want to express some canna-love? Whether it’s love for the plant or a way to say “I love you” to someone special, a heart-shaped joint is a canna-crafty way to get love out there. If you’re fairly new to rolling, though, you may want to master a regular joint first, like our all-day sucker (click here).

Once you’re ready to test your skills and your patience, the process for this joint starts the same as the Jibbah Jabbah Jumbo Jibbah (click here) and will require a paper you can cut to a custom length. Of course, Denny and I love our Raw rolls for a million reasons including that they’re pretty sturdy for sculpting shapes.

You’ll need enough flower to roll at least a 7 ½” joint to pull this off. I went with the same 9” as my last jumbo jibbah. Denny and I love our sativas, so I opted for a sativa salad.

The difference between this joint and the jumbo jibbah is that this joint needs to be rolled loosely to allow for sculpting once rolled. For readers new to our DIY’s, I refer to working the flower into a snake shape similar to the ones we used to make out of Play-dough or clay when we were kids. When working the flower into that snake shape, leave the flower a little loose.

Press the flower down into the paper.

Using the paper and your fingers, gently shape the flower into a loose snake.

This is an example of tight snake for a regular jumbo jibbah. Do NOT work the flower this tight for the heart.

This joint needs to be loose to allow for sculpting.

The next step, the actual rolling, is also the same as the jumbo jibbah, except way more frustrating. This step can take time and patience. Just like the jumbo jibbah, start in the middle, but don’t tuck the paper tight.

The roll should always start in the middle, as seen here, but keep the paper loose as you work from the middle to each end.

Your end product should be an ugly, loosely-rolled joint.

Now for the sculpting, and it’s good to remember my rule about letting go of perfection here. This takes practice. If your joint is too full, and therefore, not flexible, try pinching some flower out from the ends to make space to spread the remaining flower throughout the length of the joint.

The sculpting starts by shaping the “V” at the top of the heart. Gently create a crease in the middle of the joint by slightly bending it back and forth. As you bend, pinch the flower away from the middle and make a crease in the paper.

The “V” shape coming off the middle needs to be packed tightly, so as you pinch the flower down away from the middle crease, pack it tightly. The curves at the top of the heart need to be looser, so as you start to bend those, pinch some flower from that area into the “V” parts to make them firmer.

The sides coming down from the curves to form the bottom “V” also need to be packed tightly and there needs to be excess paper at the ends. Hold the almost-heart like a “W” in one hand while packing the flower in using something as a poker; as you’ll see in a picture further down, I use the ends of my scissors. Then, twist the excess paper at the ends.

Last step: bring the two twists together like a twist’m to form the bottom “V” and voila!


Will it smoke? Yes, but there’s more work involved.

Start by cutting the twisted ends right off and gently unbend the joint.

Next,using something as a poker, pack the flower at each end of the joint toward the middle, cutting off the excess paper as you go.

The end result is a much shorter, fatter joint that smokes like a fine cigar – Denny was more than happy to demonstrate!