We’re still working out how to handle our Pot Shop Stop/review department, but until we figure it out, we’re happy to blast about stores our readers enjoy. Our Jibbah Jabbah friend and reader Jim Greene from Dirigo Advanced Reacreational Plantings and Areas told us about The Herbalist on Rte. 1 (100 Searsport Ave) in Belfast. Jim recently helped make some cannagars there and highly recommended the business.

Look for this sign on the left when heading north on Rte. 1 out of Belfast.

Denny, our friend Beckie and I stopped by a couple weeks ago and caught up with Angie who told us the business started across on its current site 6 years ago as a grow store, which continues to operate.

The business expanded into medical marijuana sales a year ago and has now moved that part of the business across the parking lot into its new larger location. Folks familiar with that stretch of Rte. 1 might remember a large, barn-like building on the left heading north out of Belfast. Most recently it housed a restaurant and bar, but I also remember it housing a different restaurant/ice cream store in the past.

Now the building makes a gorgeous store selling flower, concentrates, edibles, tinctures, a full line of CBD products and a beautiful collection of glass that sparkles in the bright, newly renovated space!


Angie said some of the products are in-house, and the others some from local suppliers. Working with neighbors in her community allows Angie “to know exactly what I’m getting.” For example, the CBD line at the Herbalist is Maine Sky and comes from up the road in Prospect.

The folks at the Herbalist have done a wonderful job taking advantage of their new space. The natural light from all the windows bring out the warmth created by the woodwork. Like the best medical marijuana businesses, the Herbalist even has a coffee/sitting area to enjoy while you shop.

We were able to sample a pre-roll of their Orange Valley. Angie said it was a mellow indica that wouldn’t be too sedating, and the joint delivered as promised. I’d call it a great indica for readers who like indicas during the day. It was utterly delicous — all orange flavor — and offered indica relief without putting us into a daytime coma.

The store hours are Monday – Thursday 10-6, Friday & Saturday 10-8, and Sunday 10-4.