Jibbah Jabbah’s Mission

To provide a positive and meaningful forum to discuss marijuana, especially medical marijuana, and the communities that embrace it.  To normalize marijuana use through various content including video interviews that give faces and stories to the culture.  To create and support a marijuana media outlet that is made by and dedicated to common users and providers, rather than corporate-driven or politically-driven interests.

Our Jibber Jabbah Peacemakers

Trish Callahan
Trish CallahanLead Jibbah Jabbeh-er - Editor in Chief
I want to recreate the sensibility of hundreds of conversations I had with my best friend for 29 years before he died. Somehow our conversations in his living room, passing a bowl between recliners, sipping tea, were some of the most therapeutic and fulfilling and entertaining and informative and hilarious conversations of my life, and I miss them terribly. I want people to have a forum where they can get good information about marijuana and its uses/potential if they need that. As for those of us immersed in the culture already, I want a forum that makes us feel like we belong, since the mainstream media doesn’t see the value of doing so.

In doing so I hope to reclaim and de-douchebag the Maine marijuana (and maybe larger) scene that has been so vital to my quality of life. As for the secondary site, I want total silliness — stoners being stoners and loving it!

Terri Barosa-Weakland
Terri Barosa-WeaklandCulinary Cannabis Curator
Jibbah Jabbah know that flavor is important. Terri has a wonderful collection of tips and tricks to get you cooking in the right direction.
Denny St. Pierre
Denny St. Pierrebotanical engineer - Video producer
Here at Jibbah Jabbah, we know the idea of tending to your own plants can be intimidating — there’s so much to know! Fortunately, the Jibbah Jabbah team includes experienced gardener, Denny. Denny’s a natural teacher, and his dabs are just the thing to take some of the fear away.

Denny’s experience goes back to fond memories of childhood when he watched and helped his father grow plants. Denny loves to mix the best of his old school knowledge with some of the more modern techniques he’s learned along the way.

Why Jibbah Jabbah?

Due to legalization trends, increased use, and recent political trends, the marijuana community is changing, not all for the better.  As these changes continue to evolve, Jibbah Jabbah will serve as a marijuana user-driven forum for positive, informative content.  Neither the mainstream media nor the media related to the marijuana industry provide such a forum.

In providing this forum, Jibbah Jabbah will normalize the marijuana community and provide a “place” where marijuana users can belong.  Jibbah Jabbah will also serve as an information hub for viewers interested in the various potentials for medical marijuana, currently being used to treat many conditions including addiction, cancer, epilepsy, PTSD, chronic pain and more.  Jibbah Jabbah will be about real people, their stories and experiences as patients, providers and, possibly and eventually, recreational users, as well.

Content will include video casts, written content, resources, discussion spaces, and eventually merchandise of some sort.  There will also be a potential content partnership with a radio station that will soon air a weekly marijuana discussion program.  If this partnership moves forward, podcasts or links to podcasts of the show will be made available to Jibbah Jabbah, and Jibbah Jabbah will appear on the show.  A secondary site will have content dedicated to total silliness — stoners being stoners.

As for what else and where Jibbah Jabbah might go?  The green sky’s the limit …

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